Saturday, 27 November 2010

What is the Kevin Laye Blog?

Please do not read this if you are of a sensitive nature, or under 18.

Kevin Laye is a clinical hynotherapy practitioner, forensic hynotist, works with NLP and TFT - thought field therapy.

We went to see him at 1 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QD for a session.

Why did you go see him?
My wife has been suffering from nightmares for the last 20 years, and remembers them vividly every night, pretty much every night.

In the last five years, she has been experiencing the physical sensation of anal rape, and it has happened nearly 200 times. We have tried the following to make it stop: Doctors: who tend to prescribe sleeping pills (she doesn't have any problem falling asleep though), tablets for depression, SRI pills (Seratonin reuptake inhibitors), sleep clinic where they wire you up, ear nose and throat hospital, psychiatrist (apparently, she is "normal"), psychologist, prayer from international prayer teams, laying on of hands, exorcism, you name it. We thought we'd give Kevin Laye a go.

He gave us a series of exercises to carry out, and asked us to let him know how it works out. This blog is a record of "how she is getting along", for our record, for Kevin's, and for anyone who might be suffering something similar and considering the therapy offered by Kevin Laye.

For your information, here is some information from his website:

About Kevin Laye

Kevin is available every other week on Thursday and Friday in Harley Street
and at other times in the Midlands.

Kevin Laye has a varied and diverse background from being a former member of the ‘Special forces’ and European Karate Champion currently ranked as a 6th Dan Black Belt by the W.B.F.O.M.A. Kevin has also worked in the Middle East for the Ministry of Defence and Aviation and designed and managed Gymnasiums from 500 member clubs to a 1.2 Billion dollar sports complex in Saudi Arabia.

In corporate life Kevin rose very quickly from being a top salesman to being a Sales Director of a multi million pound company. Seeking change again Kevin has settled on his passion of helping people overcome a multitude of issues as a highly successful Harley St Therapist dealing with athletes, pop stars, actors and a host of celebrities along with anyone else who seeks what he can offer in his clinic.

He is a qualified trainer of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Thought Field Therapy having been trained in the main by the originators of each discipline wherever possible. Using a cocktail of techniques including those mentioned and more besides Kevin has developed a highly effective no-nonsense style of therapy focusing on speedy resolutions and effective outcomes rather than going through problems over and over again as in many more traditional forms of therapy, that’s why it is called ‘Progress - Therapy.

Kevin only works on a referral basis and never advertises therefore it is safe to assume if his style were not effective he would not be as busy as he always is.

About Kevin Laye. Kevin Laye - Training. Kevin Laye - Testimonials. Kevin Laye - Training Testimonials. Links. Contact Kevin Laye.Kevin Laye Videos.

Kevin Laye - Progress Therapy, London.
Kevin Laye - Trainer

Training with Kevin Laye

Kevin is able to offer training in TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and TFT specialities and other Fields.

TFT algorithm level training is done over a weekend in London or at regional venues throughout the UK.

TFT speciality and advancement courses such as the Voltmeter/Heart Rate Variability or Toxin awareness and correction are One day courses.

I also offer for Therapists a One day speciality course in my System of Smoking Cessation.

NLP introduction weekends are also held at certain times.

Presenting with Confidence is a 2 day course to train people in presenting elegantly and eloquently.

I am constantly developing new trainings so please keep returning to this page to see what is happening in the future.

For Corporate trainings see

For Post Graduate Therapist trainings please see my sister companies site

This is my current training schedule.
I may add a weekend TFT in London if the demand is there.
To take the Master Hypnotist you will need to have done the Ericksonian weekend certification first (this is a prerequisite of the ABH).
If you book and pay for the Ericksonian and Master Hypnotist together the total is reduced by £200 from £1694 to £1494.

Payment for trainings is by cheque payable to ‘Kevin Laye’ sent to

7 The Barns
Church Aston
TF10 9JJ

If you have any questions call me on 07803 161021.


Kevin Laye
Training Director
Progress Therapy Training International


Okay, so that's the first post! All following posts will document whether there has been any change in my wife's (I shall refer to her as 'her' or 'she' in this blog) sleep, nightmares, or physical attacks.


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